Downtown Bentonville inc.

I made this app during my full time job at Downtown Bentonville Inc. You should totally support us or call me up if you want something like it.

Who is this app for?

Downtown Bentonville Inc. is a nonprofit that makes crazy, spectacular events like all the ones you see here to bring our rapidly growing community together.
This app helps everyone in town find places to go and things to do while they come Downtown for our events. Pretty nifty, eh?

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Support Downtown Bentonville Inc.

If you live anywhere near here and love the events we do, please support DBI. We rely on funding. and sponsors.

The town keeps it updated.

Ok well I manually go out and shoot all the images and create the write up's for each place, but it really really helps when people let me know that a new place popped up. I use two little Paperforms to stay up to date. Check it out.

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Do you want an app like this for your city?

I own a little design business called Minim Design Co where I make lots of things like this at a surprisingly good rates. I can't emphasis just how good they are and how clearly they're listed. Go check that out if you're curious.

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Did you take all the pictures?

Basically. 95% of them. Definitely! Theres two or three restaurants that I used Facebook images from.

...It was a lot of work!

Watch us in actionLEARN ABOUT DBI

Hello, I'm Brad

I made this app because our town needed it. Everyone was asking for something like this so one day I decided I should give the people what they wanted. Hehe! Anyway, if you like it holler at me over at MINIM DESIGN CO where I make dreams come true with Webflow.

Brad Stallcup